Lindon Ventures is a specialty consulting firm offering clients support for a variety of strategic needs primarily related to analytics, strategy, and marketing.

Analytics, big data, online marketing, and similar topics are all immensely popular topics in the business world, yet many firms do not have the internal expertise to understand the importance or the application of these trends.  Lindon Ventures can help start with the strategy to properly frame the WHY and HOW questions and then provide and manage the actual work itself for maximum impact.

Our principal consultants offer years of experience in the field of data science and advanced analytics as well as marketing strategy and operations.  We have strong expertise in targeting and segmentation, predictive modeling, database marketing, and marketing optimization.  Rather than a focus on academic or theoretical research, our approach emphasizes bringing the value of analytics to the line-of-business, using analytical leverage to improve business results and increase profitability and shareholder value.   We are able to handle projects from the initial planning phases completely through execution and back-end performance measurement. 

Our main project specialties include strategy consulting, marketing campaign planning and execution, digital and online marketing, customer analytics, predictive modeling, and quantitative analysis.  We also offer ancillary services related to process improvement, enterprise data management, IT architecture, corporate strategy, organizational leadership, employee training and education, and team building and development.