Data Science Training with RapidMiner

Online Data Science Training

Interested in learning how you can use data science, machine learning, and advanced analytics in your organization to solve your own problems?  We provide cost-effective online learning via video recordings of data science training courses taught using RapidMiner, one of today’s leading data science platforms. You can learn more about the RapidMiner platform here and you can also sign up for a fully-functional free version of RapidMiner Studio which is used in the following training courses.

Lindon Ventures is a RapidMiner Ambassador Partner and a certified training organization for their data science platform.  We provided the official RapidMiner virtual-instructor-led-training online courses for many years and have also conducted numerous onsite private training classes, at both the basic and expert level.

RapidMiner Professional Data Science Courses

The Professional Level Courses provide a basic introduction to the core conceptual material for modern data science and machine learning, as well as the mechanics of how to accomplish essential data science tasks using RapidMiner.  Each course at this level (Foundations and Advanced, offered in a “bootcamp” format, with 2 sessions each) is designed to help prepare students for the corresponding RapidMiner Professional Certification Exam.

RapidMiner Master/Expert Data Science Courses

The Expert/Master Level Courses provide advanced instruction in more complex areas of modern data science and special topics of interest for experts.  They can be taken separately depending on the topics of interest, or taken in conjunction in preparation for RapidMiner Master Certification.

Master (expert-level) courses are designed for more experienced data scientists and should be preceded by successfully completing the RapidMiner Professional Certification or otherwise achieving proficiency in basic data science with RapidMiner.  These are “special topic” seminars providing a deeper dive into specific areas of interest such as unsupervised machine learning or time series analysis.  Expert courses are offered using a “seminar” format with a single 4-hour instructional session, with additional reinforcement exercises for students to complete on their own time. 

RapidMiner Data Science Recorded Courses

The videos offered here are recordings of the actual live classes described, which you can take at your own pace and at considerably lower cost than live training options.  When you enroll in a recorded course, you will be granted access to the videos for 90 days and given all course materials needed to do the exercises covered in the classes. Click below to register for a given course.

Course (click course title for more information)Cost
RapidMiner Foundations (2-day introductory course)$499
RapidMiner Advanced (2-day advanced course)$499
RapidMiner Expert Special Topic: Text Mining$249
RapidMiner Expert Special Topic: Time Series Analysis$249
RapidMiner Expert Special Topic: Unsupervised Machine Learning$249
RapidMiner Expert Special Topic: Machine Learning Algorithms & Approaches$249

Private Onsite or Online Training

In addition to video training courses, we also provide customized live private training for clients at their request.  These private courses can be delivered online or onsite depending on client wishes.

If you are interested, please fill out the Contact Form for more information regarding private training classes.