Ontology Preludes Data Science: A COVID-19 Use Case

  • Publication/Publisher:  Medium (online platform)
  • Publication Date:  May 19, 2020

Co-author of a paper regarding the need for sharing and communicating data, information, and knowledge, based on data management best practices and a common vocabulary, for the effective assessment and treatment of COVID-19. This includes the avoidance of common data science pitfalls in popular analysis of data and trends, instead creating an ontology of agreed-upon meanings with semantic interoperability for each term and metric involved in the disease treatment and appropriate policy responses. The article can be downloaded in pdf form here or viewed online here.

Data Science in the Cloud – Installing RapidMiner Server on Amazon Web Services

  • Publisher:  RapidMiner Blog (2 part post)
  • Publication Date:  November 1 & 8, 2016

With recent editions of RapidMiner Server, there is a free server version available for proof-of-concept use. My guest post on the official RapidMiner company blog provides detailed instructions for installing and configuring a complete RapidMiner Server instance from scratch (rather than by using a preconfigured AMI)  in the AWS scalable cloud infrastructure.

Part 1  &  Part 2

Top 10 Challenges of Field Sales in Pharmaceutical Marketing

  • Publication/Publisher:  Healthcare Sales & Marketing Online
  • Publication Date:  February 9, 2016

Pharmaceutical companies have a big challenge—how can they allocate their sales and marketing budgets most effectively to achieve their corporate goals?  In spite of major factors moving against field sale efforts, the ratio of field sales reps to accessible or active HCPs has only experienced a modest decrease, while alternative marketing activities have grown more slowly than expected. The market is ripe for disruption. You can download this article here.

3-Part Whitepaper Series: The Top Objections to Testing (and Why They’re Wrong!)

  • Publication Date:  January 2015

Testing is a central technique in order to utilize analytics to unlock business value, but there can still be a lot of resistance to testing from various business constituents.  Read this short whitepaper series to understand the top objections to testing and how to overcome them.

Part 1: The Importance of Testing

Part 2: Objections – Testing is Expensive and Uncertain!

Part 3: How to Make Testing Successful

BI and Analytics Tools Interview

  • Publication/Publisher:  TechTarget
  • Publication Date:  April 17, 2014

Interview regarding new ways to extract value from data through the use of business intelligence (BI) and analytics tools. TechTarget’s annual IT Priorities Survey found that BI, analytics and data warehousing projects topped the list of planned software initiatives in global organizations. You can download the article here.


Getting Data Science Projects Across the Finish Line

  • RapidMiner Wisdom 2020 Conference
  • February 12, 2020

Panel discussion participant at RapidMiner Wisdom 2020 exploring how to make data science projects successful.  Data science projects often have participants with a range of skills and backgrounds. This means a given team will have a variety of different ideas and expectations about what to do and how to work together. This panel brings together these different perspectives—including domain experts, data scientists, business users, and managers—to discuss their differing perspectives and how they can best to work collaboratively to ensure that data science projects have the desired impact.


Improving Customer Service with Text Mining

  • RapidMiner Wisdom 2018 Conference
  • October 12, 2018

Presentation at RapidMiner Wisdom 2018 conference explaining how to use RapidMiner to improve customer service by conducting text mining on call transcript data. Solution involved automated data retrieval & ETL, text data processing, custom machine learning model construction, and model deployment.


Automated Event-Triggered Marketing

  • RapidMiner Wisdom Europe 2015 Conference
  • September 1, 2015

Presentation at RapidMiner Europe 2015 conference explaining how to automate event-triggered marketing based on severe weather events using machine learning in RapidMiner. Solution involved automated data ETL, sales & event correlation analysis, customer segmentation, and marketing automation, all accomplished through RapidMiner.


Cross-Sell Modeling for B2B Database Marketing

  • RapidMiner World 2014 Conference
  • August 19, 2014

Presentation at RapidMiner World 2014 explaining how to use RapidMiner to provide cross-sell solutions to B2B customers. Solution involved automated sales data and market basket analysis along with a real-time recommendation engine.